Alpacas Love Apples

This heartwarming and funny book brings to light some very important lessons in being a good individual: love, collaboration, friendship, empathy, compassion, sharing and most importantly keeping your chin up because success comes in many forms.

Koo and Kee are two alpaca sisters who are trying to pick an apple. The process takes them through some ups and downs. It tests their love for each other and for others around them. It teaches them the value of collaboration and the ingenuity in each one of us. Also, don’t miss their adorable little hedgehog friend who is there with them on this journey.

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Handcrafted Illustrations

The illustrations in this book were carefully handcrafted, pieced together and then photographed. The background in each page is hand painted to depict the change in time of day, from dawn to bright afternoon, to dusk and then bedtime.


Here's a sneak peek at some of the warm and beautiful imagery that will brighten your child's day and fill their nights with beautiful dreams.

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Everyone Loves Alpacas And Apples!

"The illustrations and the colors take you where the Alpacas are!" -Ivelise G.

"Charming children’s book." -Hasan S.

"It's now become the No. 1 most read book in the house" -Edward K.

"It’s simple and elegant" -Emily S.

"As soon as we got this book it turned into our son's favorite bedtime book" -Cem



Prasan is a marketer by profession but is a creative at heart. He likes to write stories for children, for the stage and for the screen. 

He particularly loves creating and sharing stories with his nieces, who inspired him to write this book. 

Prasan holds an MBA from Columbia Business School and a bachelors from Rutgers University.​ He lives in NYC with his dog, Kobo. 


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